Crisis Intervention



Anne Arundel County Warmline

This is a service provided through Anne Arundel County. If you or someone you know is in a crisis the Crisis Warmline is available to call 24/7 for help. Not only will they help over the phone, but if you and the Warmline consultant decide it is necessary they will come out to your home. When they arrive they will attempt to de-escelate a situation and can also help make a decision about next steps, such as hospitalization and resources for Outpatient therapy. They also have many other resources such as the information for the National Suicide Prevention Hotline as well as information on providers and other programs in Anne Arundel County.

My Review

I personally have used this resource for clients that have been in crisis and I give the Warmline information out on a consistent basis.  It is a great resource for Individuals but I have found it invaluable for parents trying to navigate through severe behaviors with their child.  If your situation is a medical emergency then you need to call 911. However, this is an alternative to calling 911 when a child may be violent or suicidal and would be subdued by force if the police were involved. To be clear if the violent behavior continues the police will be called but this is at least an interim step in order to attempt to calm the child down.